Lithium Ion Batteries

Our Lithium Ion Batteries maximize capacity while keeping weight as low as possible. They hold 75% more than a standard Lipo battery. Each pack holds 13,600 MAH at 6 Cells and weighs ~1300 grams.

Product Overview


All batteries are custom designed in a trapezoidal shape to fit under the center of gravity of the Albatross. Each battery weighs approx 1.2 KG and gets approx 2 hrs of flight time. The Albatross can hold up to 3 batteries at a time.



Capacity: Std. Charge/Discharge: Nominal 14,000 mAh

Nominal Voltage: Average: 21.6V - Fully Charged: 25.2V

Standard Voltage: 0.5C (7,000mA)

Max Charge Current: 1.0C (14,000mA)

Standard Discharge: Constant Current: 0.2C (2,800mA) ; End Voltage (Cut Off): 2.5V

Max Discharge Current: 40A (2.8C)

Weight: 1.16kg

Energy Density: 261 watt-hour/kg

Operating Temperature: Charge: 0 ~ 45°C ; Discharge -20 ~ 60°C

Storage Temperature (For Shipping State): 1 Month: -20 ~ 60°C ; 3 Months: - 20 ~ 45°C : 1 year -20 ~ 20°C

Batteries are UN3480 and ship as Dangerous Goods per IATA specifications.