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Applied HD is an all in one high definition video solution that allows for secure command and control as well as HD video and real-time telemetry data. Capable of streaming HD video with only 100-120 ms latency.



AppliedHD, our High Definition video link, uses a proprietary protocol transmission algorithm to transmit high definition digital video with extremely low latency (120ms). AppliedHD continuously monitors interference on the frequency channel in which it is currently using and automatically switches channels if levels are too high. AppliedHD has built in diversity antennas for maximum signal quality (one Right Hand Circularly Polarized antenna and one Left Hand on both the transmit and receiver units). Additionally, AppliedHD can utilize multiple transmitters and/or receivers at the same time to further increase robustness. Transmitters and receivers can even be used on different frequency bands (2.4ghz and 5.8ghz) and the strongest signal will take precedent (multiple transmitters and receivers are needed). AppliedHD enables the use of a joystick and foot pedal control to operate APM and Pixhawk flight controllers over the Mavlink protocol. With the available bidirectional serial channels, extra control inputs and outputs for gimbal operation is also possible. Lastly, AppliedHD has a builtin onscreen display (OSD) that utilizes Mavlink data to provide all relevant flight characteristics as well as a digital horizon. HD camera included. Boards and camera housed in 3D printed casing. 3D print files available upon request should you wish to create your own custom colored/labeled cases. 

*High Definition Video, Telemetry, Command and Control are possible through this digital link.


Range: Standard Range @ 5.8 GHz: 1KM ; Standard Range @ 2.4GHz: 5KM

*Applied Aeronautics offers custom built antennas with ranges in excess of 30 KM without the use of signal boosters. Upon request.

* Please be aware of your countries regulations for EIRP.

Power: Standard output: 100mW*

*Depending on country specific RF regulations, power output can reach 1.5W without an antenna booster.

Transmission: 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz*

*Please be aware of your countries frequency regulations. 

Latency: 1980 x 1080 @ 30fps - ~ 200 ms latency ; 1280 x 720 @ 30fps - ~ 120ms latency*

*When using Applied Aeronautics supplied camera.

*If you elect to use your own camera or Applied Aeronautics HDMI input board, latency is increased by the amount of signal processing needed to encode from the sensor to the HDMI camera output. Ex. GoPro - 150ms.

RF Modulation: OFDM

RF Power: 30db

RF Compatibility: Compatible with IEEE 802. 11n draft 3.0. 11 a/b.g wireless standards

RF Compliance: Compliant with FCC Part 15.247 for US, ETC 300 382 for Europe

System Includes:

2 RF Transceivers (1 Airborne and 1 Ground Side)

1 Encoding/Transmission Unit

1 Receiver Unit

1 Camera (and/or HDMI input board - upon request)