A DIY UAV Kit intended for research, education and R&D projects. Assembly Required. Available add ons:

Product Overview

The Albatross UAV Kit is our DIY configuration, comprised of our highly efficient composite Albatross frame and expertly selected avionics. This advanced kit is ideal for projects that require a high level of customization, as well as research and development and education. 


  • Fully composite airframe
  • 10 KG (22 lbs) MTOW
  • Modular design
  • Entirely electric system
  • 4 HRS flight time (*varies based on battery set up, operating conditions and use case)
  • Wide flight envelope
  • Sleek streamline appearance 
  • Large cruise window and payload capacity
  • Self cooling fuselage
  • Powered by PX4 (compatible with Ardupilot, however, software and settings only supplied for PX4)
  • Entirely electric system
  • Includes basic email support for 30 days. Response within 48-72 business hrs. No dedicated team member. Phone calls must be scheduled in advance and are booked out for specific questions. Technical support is for troubleshooting only. We are unable to walk you through your build over the phone or by email. 


  • 1 x Albatross Airframe
  • 7 x Hitec Servos
  • 1 x Castle Creations BEC 
  • 1 x Castle Creations ESC
  • 1 x Scorpion 4020 Motor (400 - 600 KV)
  • 1 x APC Prop
  • 1 x Tru Turn Spinner 
  • 1 x Airspeed Sensor
  • 1 x GPS Unit
  • 1 x Telemetry Module
  • 1 x HV Power Module
  • 1 x PX4 Autopilot
  • Hardware 


  • Product Code: 0011-UAV-KIT
  • Wingspan: 3000MM or 9.8FT
  • MTOW: 10 KG or 22 LBS
  • Available Payload: 2KG - 4.4 KG (battery dependent) *Contact us re custom integration
  • Mission Planning and Operations Software: QGround Control 
  • Endurance: 4 HRS (*varies based on battery set up, operating conditions and use case)
  • Range: > 100 KM or 62 M
  • Cruise Speed: 18 M/S or 40 MPH
  • Max Level Speed: 40 M/S or 90 MPH
  • Takeoff: 50 FT (Runway, unpaved road, catapult)
  • Glide Ratio (L/D): 28:1 - 30:1
  • Center of Gravity: 85 MM - 95 MM from the root leading edge


  1. All kits are custom assembled to order and ship within 10 days of purchase. We will make every effort to dispatch all components on time, but in certain instances, when individual components are back-ordered we will send in stock components first and remaining once available. 
  2. Carrying case not included
  3. Batteries not included. Note, should you purchase spare batteries, they are UN3480 and ship as Dangerous Goods per IATA requirements. We ask that you please verify this class of goods can be shipped to you prior to purchase. 
  4. The UAV Kit is a DIY system. It requires assembly after purchase. We supply guidance documents outlining recommended component placement, however, these are not detailed step by step build manuals. Prior experience with electronics as well as prior experience with RC planes and fixed wing UAVs is highly recommended. If you are looking for a fully built system, please purchase our Ready to Fly UAV . Additional wires, connectors and hand tools will be required to complete your build. The only included components are listed below. Further, keep in mind that while we will make every effort to answer questions as they arise, support is intended for troubleshooting only. We cannot assist with your build by email or phone. 
  5. Our standard pixhawk is Made in China. USA versions are available upon request. Please contact us for details. 
  6. Regulatory Notice: The use and operation of our product in the USA and many other countries may require a license and some countries may forbid its use entirely. In the USA, you will need a "HAM" amateur radio license. It is your responsibility to ensure that the use of this product meets the requirements imposed by your governments rules and regulations for RF devices. do not purchase this product if you are unsure of the government requirements or ar not able to comply with them. Applied Aeronautics is not responsible for your actions if you purchase and/or use this product in violation of your governments regulations. By agreeing to our terms and conditions at the time of order you are also agreeing to have read and understand this notice. 


We offer several standard camera options with the Albatross UAV. All listed options integrate seamlessly with the autopilot. If you don't select one of the available cameras, your Albatross will ship without one. 

  • Survey Camera- 20.1 MP, automatically geotags images in flight, Pixhawk compatible. Weight 72 grams. Dimension 12 x 10 x 7 in
  • MAPIR Survey 3 - NDVI Camera, 12 MP, triggered from Pixhawk, in-flight geotagging. Weight 76 grams. Dimensions 59 x 41.5 x 36 mm
  • FLIR Vue Pro - Thermal Camera, 0.02 MP, triggered from Pixhawk, in-flight geotagging. Weight 84g. Dimensions 41 x 59 x 29.6 mm. This camera will come hard-mounted if installation is requested. If you'd prefer it gimbaled, please contact us. 


Upgrade your Albatross to include a live video feed from the air back to your base station. If you don't select one of the available video packages, your Albatross will ship without any. 

  • Standard Range Video: This package gives the end-user the ability to transmit live analog video over a 1.3 GHZ frequency and comes with circularly polarized antennas. The standard range is 1km (varies based on RF environment and operating conditions). 
  • Long Range Video: This package utilizes high powered transmit/receive equipment and high gain antennas to extend video range from 1km to approximately 30km


The Albatross base price includes a PX4 Autopilot. Our current models ship without the Pixhawk 4. We also provide several upgrades for those looking for something a little different. Parameter files and ground control software is provided at no charge to all customers. 

  • Standard Autopilot: Our standard autopilot (the brain of the drone) is a Pixhawk 4 running PX4. 
  • USA Autopilot: We offer a US-made version of the PX4 autopilot for customers requiring a variant that is made right here at home. Functionality remains unchanged, but the country of origin is the USA. 
  • Autopilot Thermal Calibration: Temperature calibrating a Pixhawk provides more stable sensor data over varying operating temperatures. Utilizing a thermally controlled chamber, onboard sensors (gyro, accelerometer, and barometer pressure) are temperature calibrated from -20 C to + 60 C to correct for the effect changing sensor temperatures has on sensor bias yielding more stable sensor data. A test report is provided with each calibrated Pixhawk outlining the raw data and offset calculated and a parameter file that includes the calibration details applied. 


The standard command and control range is approximately 1 km. This is provided on our base model at no additional cost. For customers looking for additional range, we highly recommend upgrading to our long-range package. 

  • Standard Telemetry and Control: Standard range of approximately 1km for both command and control. Note that range will vary based on RF environment. All systems will ship with US modules unless otherwise requested in your order notes. 
  • Long-Range Package:  Our long-range package increases range by up to 40km. This system consists of a long range UHF RC transmitter module and receiver and two long-range telemetry units. The range is increased up to 20+ miles. Our long-range kit has recently been upgraded to provide an encrypted telemetry link as well as a bidirectional RC link. This enables telemetry data to be transmitted securely and allows you to receive and transmit data and commands over the separate RC communication channel as a backup fail-safe. All systems will ship with US modules unless otherwise requested in your order notes. RC is at 433MHz and Telemetry is at 900MHz. If you have specific requirements for alternate frequencies you must let us know before your build commences.


Our base model Albatross ships out with a Garmin, compact optical disance measurement sensor. This laser altimeter is used to assist with autonomous takeoff and landing. We also offer an upgraded version that increases accuracy on takeoff and landing. 

  • Standard Option: 40m range
  • Upgraded Option: Extends range to 120m for additional accuracy on takeoff and landing.


Missions can be seamlessly planned and executed from your existing laptop or desktop computer (Mac, Windows, Linux). For customers looking for something a little different, we also offer two ground station options. 

  • Tablet Computer: The tablet ground station is easy to use and ideal for short-range VLOS missions. From the tablet, easily plan, execute and monitor your mission. 
  • Dual Screen GCS: The Dual Screen GCS is a ruggedized dual-screen ground station. Featuring daylight readable screens, payload gimbal joystick, and 128GB of storage, all housed in a Pelican carrying case. 


We recommend adding an RC remote to any Albatross UAV. The RC remote is beneficial to seamless setup and is also recommended should the user need to take manual control at any time. If you have an existing RC remote, you'd like to use, please contact us to verify compatibility. 


The Albatross UAV uses energy-dense lithium-ion batteries to fly long distances. The system can be flown with up to 3 batteries at a time, each adding around 1.5 hours of flight time. 


Our custom wiring harness, developed in house to dramatically cut down build time off all UAV kits.  We cannot guarantee compatibility if you do not purchase our avionics. Additional connectors, wires, etc will be needed to complete your UAV build.


  • This package was designed to offer customers who require more extensive remote assistance. This support is comprehensive and encompasses all aspects of the Albatross system ranging from diagnostic assistance to mission and log analysis.   
  • This package includes:
    • Diagnostic assessment
    • Remote hardware assistance
    • Software analysis and assistance
    • Log review and analysis
    • Mission planning support
  • Package billed monthly
  • 30 days notice required for cancellation
  • A technician will be assigned to your specific case and communication will be via email and scheduled calls


  • This package was designed to provide 2 people with 1 day of remote training. This training covers all aspects of operation and maintenance, mission planning, pre and post-flight procedures, and best practices. We supply all customers with a comprehensive user manual and pre and post-flight checklists. UAV Kit training does not include flight training, only shop based work. 
  • Training must be scheduled 6-8 weeks in advance and redeemed within 6 months of order receipt to avoid expiration. 



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