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A composite frame for diy builds. No avionics or wiring included. Available options are listed below:


  • This is a bare airframe. No components, wiring or instructions are included. Those who purchase this unit are presumed to be using their own avionics and to have prior knowlege and experience with RC and UAV assembly. Additional wires, connectors, etc may be required to complete your build. 
  • All orders are custom assembled to order and ship within 2-3 weeks of purchase. We will make every effort to dispatch all components on time, but in certain instances, when individual components are back-ordered we will send in stock components first and remaining once available. 
  • If you have included the VTOL add on to your order, your fixed wing platform will ship now and your VTOL add on at a later date. All VTOL sales are to be considered pre-orders. VTOL's are estimated to ship Summer 2019. 

Key Features (**When built as a UAV using Applied Aeronautics supplied components)

  • Fully composite airframe
  • 10 KG (22 lbs) MTOW
  • Modular design
  • Entirely electric system
  • Up to 4 HRS flight time (*varies based on battery set up, operating conditions and use case)
  • Wide flight envelope
  • Sleek streamline appearance 
  • Large cruise window and payload capacity
  • Self cooling fuselage
  • Entirely electric system
  • Rapid assembly and disassembly
  • Powered by PX4 (compatible with Ardupilot, however, the parameter file is only supplied for PX4)
  • carrying case not included
  • batteries not included. Note, should you purchase spare batteries, they are UN3480 and ship as Dangerous Goods per IATA requirements. 

Specifications (**When built as a UAV using Applied Aeronautics supplied components)

  • Product Code: 0001-AA-MAX
  • Wingspan: 3000MM or 9.8FT
  • MTOW: 10 KG or 22 LBS
  • Available Payload: 2KG - 4.4 KG (battery dependent) *Contact us re custom integration
  • Mission Planning and Operations Software: QGround Control 
  • Endurance: 4 HRS (*varies based on battery set up, operating conditions and use case)
  • Range: 100 KM or 62 M
  • Cruise Speed: 18 M/S or 40 MPH
  • Max Level Speed: 40 M/S or 90 MPH
  • Takeoff: 50 FT (Runway, unpaved road, catapult)
  • Glide Ratio (L/D): 28:1 - 30:1
  • Center of Gravity: 85 MM - 95 MM from the root leading edge

Available Upgrades

Camera Options

We offer several standard options camera options with the Albatross for RBG, NDVI and Thermal applications. All options integrate seamlessly with the autopilot and offer in flight geotagging. The Albatross is compatible with a variety of commercially available cameras and sensors. Please contact us for recommendations. 

  • Sony R10C - 20.1 MP, automatically geogtags images in flight, Pixhawk compatible. Weight 72 grams. Dimension 12 x 10 x 7 in
  • MAPIR Survey 3 - NDVI Camera, 12 MP, triggered from Pixhawk, in flight geotagging. Weight 76 grams. Dimensions 59 x 41.5 x 36 mm
  • FLIR Vue Pro - Thermal Camera, 0.02 MP, triggered from Pixhawk, in flight geotagging. Weight 84 g. Dimensions 41 x 59 x 29.6 mm


  • Flat Mapping Gimbal:  The Flat Mapping Gimbal keeps your camera parallel to the ground through banks and rolls, takeoff and descent avoiding crooked and inaccurate images, forcing you to redeploy your UAV for a second pass.

Video Add Ons 

  • Applied HD: AppliedHD, our High Definition video link, uses a proprietary protocol transmission algorithm to transmit high definition digital video with extremely low latency (120ms). Transmitter, Receiver and Camera are housed in 3D printed casing. 3D Print files are available upon request should you wish to create your own custom colored/labeled cases. 
  • Standard Definition Video: This package adds the ability to transmit live analog video over a 1.3 GHZ frequency and comes with circularly polarized antennas. 

Avionics Upgrades

  • Long Range Package:  Our long range package increases range by up to 20 miles. This system consists of a long range UHF RC transmitter module and receiver as well as two long range telemetry units (~900Mhz). Range is increased up to 20+ miles. Our long range kit has recently been upgraded to provide an encrypted telemetry link as well as a bidirectional RC link. This enables not only telemetry data to now be transmitted securely but also the ability to receive and transmit data and commands over the separate RC communication channel as a backup fail safe.
  • Lidar: Our kits and airframe do not come standard with a Lidar for autonomous takeoff and landing. 
  • Autopilot: Our kits and airframe do not come standard with an autopilot. This upgrades your system to add a flight controller that utilizes the newest revision CPU with 2x more memory than the existing versions. Not only does this add to the availability of increased sensor usage but these boards are built and tested in the United States.
  • Custom Wiring Harness: Our custom wiring harness, developed in house to dramatically cut down build time. Of all UAV Kits. We cannot guarantee compatibility if you do not purchase our avionics. Additional connectors, wires, etc will be needed to complete your UAV build. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Set Up Assistance

  • This package was designed to offer customers with remote assistance after the 30-day warranty period has lapsed. This support is comprehensive and encompasses all aspects of the Albatross system ranging from diagnostic assistance to mission and log analysis.   
  • This package includes:
    • Diagnostic assessment
    • Remote hardware assistance
    • Software analysis and assistance
    • Log review and analysis
    • Mission planning support
  • Package billed monthly
  • 30 days notice required for cancellation
  • A technician will be assigned to your specific case and communication will be via email and scheduled calls

Operational Training

  • This package was designed to provide 2 people with 1.5 days of training on-site at our facility in Austin, Texas. This training covers all aspects of operation and maintenance, mission planning, pre and post-flight procedures, and best practices. We supply all customers with a comprehensive user manual and pre and post-flight checklists
  • Training must be scheduled 6-8 weeks in advance