• Spare Servo Package

    Spare Servo Package

    Ensure 100% uptime with our Albatross UAV Spare Servo Package. This package includes all 7 servos used onboard Albatross UAV. Please refer to the supplied preventative maintenance guide for recommended replacement intervals.  Includes: 3 x HS5085...

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  • Spare Prop Package

    Spare Prop Package

    Ensure 100% uptime with spare parts for your Albatross UAV. This package includes 3 spare props for your system. All are pre-reamed. 

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  • Dedicated Support

    Dedicated Support

    **Bills monthly. Contact us at to subscribe.  This package was designed to offer customers remote assistance after the 30-day complimentary service period has lapsed. This support is comprehensive and encompasses all...

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  • Dual Screen Ground Station

    Dual Screen Ground Station

    Features FAA maximum carry on size Retractable extension handle Strong polyurethane wheels Easy open double throw latches Automatic pressure equalization valve Ability to hot swap li-ions during live missions Dual...

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  • Best Tablet for Ground Station for Sale

    Tablet Ground Station

    Our custom built tablet ground station gives you the ability to monitor onboard flight telemetry information, execute autonomous flights as well as control and alter aspects of the flight in real-time. This includes adding waypoints, flying to specific...

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  • Lithium Ion Batteries

    Lithium Ion Batteries

    Description All batteries are custom designed in a trapezoidal shape to fit under the center of gravity of the Albatross. Each battery weighs approx 1.2 KG and gets approx 2 hrs of flight time. The Albatross can hold up to 3 batteries at a time...

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  • Flat Mapping Gimbal  for Sale

    Flat Mapping Gimbal

    Details Our Flat Mapping Gimbal provides realtime corrections when your airplane is not perfectly level. Mounted into the bottom of the fuselage and compatible with just about any camera, this downward facing gimbal keeps your camera parallel to the...

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  • Long Range Telemetry Kit for Sale

    Long Range Kit w/ encrypted telemetry link

    This system consists of a long range UHF RC transmitter module and receiver as well as two long range telemetry units (~900Mhz). Range is increased up to 20+ miles. Our long range kit has recently been upgraded to provide an encrypted telemetry link as...

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  • Long Range RC Transmitter for Sale

    RC Transmitter

    Features • 16 channels (more when combined with external module)• 64 mixers, 9 flight modes• 16 custom curves with 3-17 points each, 32 logic switches• Self-test of the transmitter antenna• 60 Model memory (expandable via a SD...

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  • Transport Case for Sale

    Transport Case

    Specifications Injection Molded Plastic Case47" x 26" x 17" 4 wheels with stainless steel bearingsWatertight, crush proof and dust proofFold down handlesDouble throw latchesO-ring sealStainless steel padlock protectorsAutomatic pressure...

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